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April 2019
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Kain aka That Evil Guy [userpic]
"Machine learning" is a widely abused term

Machines don't actually "learn".

AI textbooks readily admit that the "learning" in "machine learning" isn't referring to learning in the usual sense of the word.

Yet, I've encountered many people, even those in the AI field, who conflate this specialized term with the usual sense of learning.


Start reading from end of page 4. Note that the word "experience" isn't used in the conventional sense, either.

For example, a database system that allows users to update data entries would fit our definition of a learning system: it improves its performance at answering database queries based on the experience gained from database updates. Rather than worry about whether this type of activity falls under the usual informal conversational meaning of the word "learning," we will simply adopt our technical definition of the class of programs that improve through experience.

"Experience" isn't just data collection, either. Cue The Knowledge Argument.