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Kain aka That Evil Guy [userpic]
Agnostic instrumentalism toward metaphysical models

No proof can be offered to any particular metaphysical model via any means. It’s a matter of practical efficacy, not metaphysical truth. Neither paucity nor abundance of imagination points to such truth, i.e. “I can / can’t imagine it being any other way, therefore it is true / false.”

Metaphysical models are not for obtaining the actual state of affairs of the metaphysical world. They are tools. The only thing that could be done is ascertaining how useful a metaphysical model is via gauging its practical utility by thinking and acting as if the model is true.


Pure reason is how we justify metaphysical models independently of their utility.

Re: Nonsense

Justification does not equal truth


A process of justification is a procedure by which we at least approximate truth. Rational justification is the logical process by which we derive necessary consequences from some given axioms; if the axioms are true, the consequences must be true.

Re: So?

I don't see what's so axiomatic regarding any model.

Please elaborate.

Re: So?

"Actualization implies possibility" seems like a solid axiomatic foundation for a metaphysics.

Re: So?

I'm asking for model that's axiomatic. I don't see that statement as any kind of a model.