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Philosophy on LiveJournal
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Michael Zeleny [userpic]
latest advances in russian spirituality

Во всех мировых религиях Бог создавал мир из какой-то первоматерии, “гиле”. И только в иудаизме Бог создал мир из ничего.
    Отсюда и еврейское отношение к производительному труду. Отсюда и еврейская страсть к спекуляции, финансовым операциям и гуманитарным дисциплинам.
    Еврей подобен своему Богу: он делает деньги из ничего, в отличие от остальных народов, которые «в поте лица своего» делают деньги из чего-то. “Золото за медь”, “золото за пшеницу”.
    Доблесть же еврея — наебать, надуть, продать и перепродать полную хуйню — за полновесное золото.
    ― Константин Крылов ([info]krylov), Zoroastrian philosopher of Russian descent and convictions @ 2007-06-24 19:10:00
In all world religions, God created the world out of a primal matter, “hyle”. And only in Judaism God created the world out of nothing.
    Hence the Jewish attitude towards productive work. Hence the Jewish passion for profit, financial transactions and the humanities.
    Each Jew is like his God: he makes money out of nothing, as opposed to other people who “by the sweat of their brow” make money out of something. “Gold for copper”, “gold for wheat”.
    And the valor of the Jew is to fuck over, to swindle, to sell and resell pure bullshit — for pure gold.
    ― translated by MZ
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i've worked for a couple Jews before. these were definitely dishonest people that stole time and money from the employees... i also had a jewish roommate like that. nice and interesting people, but red flag for me.

Funny, without fail ever person who's identified themselves as Jewish by ethnicity or by religious convictions has been very nice and down-to-earth. Guess that says something about not making generalizations, though what it says shouldn't even have to be friggin' pointed out.

What the hell kind of a post is this? Where is the moderator when you need one?

Can I help you?

...this is an advance?

It takes a spark of genius to tease out bigotry from the legacy of Timaeus.

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good comeback, sir (or lady).

WTF is this?

A reasonably accurate transmission of what passes for philosophical argument in some corners of other cultures.

Mmmm. Boy do I ever love a little antisemitism in the morning.

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lol sweet

In Soviet Russia, Philosophy trolls you.

So, is this just to illustrate that the set of assholes and idiots and the set of people who call themselves (and/or are considered to be) philosophers have a nonempty intersection?

And, you might want to... you know, make more explicit that this quote doesn't reflect your views (which I hope it doesn't).

The comment also illustrates complete ignorance of the historical reasons for the employment of Jewish people in jobs that make money "out of nothing," namely, because charging interest was forbidden by the Church, but it isn't forbidden by the Old Testement (also notice how they have the same God).

So yeh, a moderately well-educated college student should be able pick that "philosopher's" arguments apart like a chop shop picks apart a stolen Toyota.

Aside from the obvious absurdity there, the guy's got the Jewish idea of hyle wrong. The Jewish tradition generally does ascribe to the idea of "hyle," although I believe there's a debate over whether "hyle" was made from nothingness, or if it's in some way a part of, or co-existing, with God. Either way, it's believed that the rest of the world was fashioned from the prime substance of hyle. You can read about this in the Ramban's translation and commentary on the first two verses of Braishiet.

Although, it's obvious to say, this one random guy's view is hardly a reflection on the spiritual climate of an entire nationality.

Jewish philosophers and theologians disagree in regard to creation ex hihilo. Philo of Alexandria, Abraham Ibn Ezra, and Levi ben Gerson deny it on various grounds, whereas Maimonides, Saadya Gaon, and Yehuda Halevi more or less vigorously propound it.
    On the other hand, as Forrest Gump might have elaborated, philosophy is as philosophy does. In the Russian tradition, a sufficient condition for doing philosophy is conjoining the Jewish question with Greek words spelled in Cyrillic letters. Extra credit accrues for hifalutin enthymeme that cloaks arrant prejudice, antisemitism being the local counterpart of physicalism that roots down learned anglo discourse. See in this connection another eminent Russian philosopher pitching his tent hereabouts.

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Online media is the last remaining vestige of free speech that emerged in Russia since the Eighties. Konstantin Krylov is both representative and influential in this regard, and never more so than in the instant matter.

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I don't think this is the place for one of your many bizarre internet hate campaigns.

That's where you're wrong.

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