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November 2016
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Shlomi Fish [userpic]
My Philosophical Creations

Having been introduced to this forum, and having posted a few comments on other people's posts, I'd like to introduce myself and my philosophical creations. My name is Shlomi Fish, and I have been writing stories and essays and published most of them on my homepage under liberal licences. Both of them convey my viewpoint and influences as an Objectivist, a software developer, an amateur mathematician, and someone who is enthusiastic about the open-source/open-content movements and is an active contributor to them.

I'll be happy if you can take a look at some of the many things I wrote there. While I have many essays, I believe that my stories also vividly convey my philosophy. Among the highlights on what you can find there are:

I've also been placing some philosophical thoughts and insights, which I did find mature or large-scope enough for a dedicated essay on my homepage, on my blogs.

Anyway, I'd be happy to hear what you think about the stuff I wrote.

Regards, -- Shlomi Fish.

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Well, Lane, it's pretty simple.

The "philosophical creations" presented for our inspection appear to be at best gibberish and at worst a conscious attempt to do intellectual harm to any unfortunate enough to read them.

Objectivism is, as you know, the non-philosophy hole to which ugly and stupid narcissists always go - but this, this... this is worse. The author of these pathetic ramblings is clearly suffering from some sort of hideous psychological defect, probably related to a crippling social disability in some way.

There is nothing here of positive value. The pitiful creature who is responsible for the production of these texts should have been drowned at birth; indeed, its continued survival constitutes prima facie damning evidence for the Problem of Evil.

Did you really expect him to?

I was hoping, but not really expecting...